Cultural Sharing

AUG 10: Social Class Cultural Sharing

The three social classes I handled showed their forte today, indeed they are social. I commend them for stepping up in trying to communicate with us. They were very excited to share their culture with us and ask us questions as well. Even when they found it difficult to think of the words they wanted to us they would collaborate to try and express themselves. It was as if they were unfolding the language before my eyes and it was very inspiring for me as their teacher. They showed an eagerness in wanting to communicate and I know that if I was in the same curriculum I would be placed in the same class. I took the time to ask them what they wanted to take up in university and their answers were very diverse. They fell into different fields, management, social work, athlete, teacher, artist and others. What surprised me is that even the students who usually don’t think they are good in English showed good communication skills. What they lacked in knowledge they definitely made up for in effort.

AUG 11: Science Class Cultural Sharing

The three science classes I handled the following day were different compared to the social classes because they were very conscious about how they speak in terms of using the correct grammar and words. Instead of trying to talk directly to me they would choose to use another classmate who was fluent to translate for them. Even though they were more knowledgeable compared to the social classes they did not feel confident enough to try and speak directly with me. Though we had a more diverse conversation it was not because they were speaking directly with me, but because the ones who were fluent were translating similar to what the teacher usually does. Even with these observations it was also a very good experience for me to see what this group of learners are like because they displayed the behaviour I assumed they would display from the onset. They are more meticulous and exact when it came to execution and will not perform unless they feel that they will meet a certain calibre. As a teacher it shows me how authentic I have to be when I design tasks and how I have to break communication barriers by making them comfortable inside the classroom.

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