Teaching the Science Classes

AUG 4: 

Similar to the observations I made when I compared the two classes, the science classes were able to finish the lesson with time to spare. Toby was the first one to teach today and our supervisor Mr. Pupung was there to observe us as well. I was quite proud of Toby’s performance. He was very observant of the things I did the day before and was able to carry himself well in the classroom. He also took the time to have me check the powerpoint he prepared for the lesson. Mr. Pupung and Ms. Indri was impressed with his performance since he wasn’t an education student. The main observation I had with Toby and the students is that they had a bit of a hard time understanding him because of his diction. It was good that we prepared the powerpoint for all the instructions.

When it came to my time to address the classroom it was easier than the previous day because I was using the same lesson plan and I knew where I had to focus and where I had to spend a bit more time on. Again the students repeatedly talked to me in Indonesian which I could not and would not tolerate. This was their only opportunity to speak English and I knew that they could do it, it was just that they felt uncomfortable doing so. They tried and were able to speak with me and ask me questions. As expected their performance was better than the social classes. In my mind I think it is also due to their exposure. From my understanding from my teachers the science classes are known to take extra English tutorials outside school and that would definitely explain the difference since language is a skill.

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