Teaching the Social Classes

AUG 3: 

This went as expected and beyond what I expected. I knew that the students would adjust to me since I am a foreigner and a new face It was quite funny seeing them question if I was Indonesian of not, although I was already introduced as a Filipina. They would try to talk to me in Bahasa Indonesia and since I couldn’t understand they were doubly prompted to speak in English. The lesson went well and they were able to understand the process of writing. I think they had a bit of difficulty when it came to thinking of things to write about. They mostly knew the words in indonesian and a good vocabulary enhancement program would definitely benefit them. The class was quite easy to manage since most of them were cooperative and didn’t make much of a fuss inside the classroom. The main critique I had was that I had to speak even slower. I already had this difficulty in the Philippines since I train in debate, I was already making an effort to speak slower but it seems like I’m going to have to take it several notches down.

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