Science Class Observation

JULY 28:

Yesterday one of the things I heard from my CT’s was that the social and science classes were totally different. At first I understood it as “this is because their learning styles are different.” I was somewhat correct, however many other things affected this. In the social class they were only able to finish about three cases in the activity but for the science class they finished five. This was a big gap. Even in how they speak English it was very different. One could immediately point out that perhaps the students in the Science class were smarter. As a teacher I wasn’t thinking in that manner. I saw how the learning style of the science class was on a very similar wave length but the social class was more dynamic in how they wanted to learn. I’ll see what other things I’ll observe later on as I take on the class. Ms. Indri style of teaching was also very different compared to that of Ms. Juli which I think is also very much attributed to the psyche of the classes.

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