Social Science Class Observation

JULY 27:

We observed two social classes today. Miss Juli was the one who taught these classes. The lesson was an introduction to recount text and it was evident to me that there wasn’t much of the actual English speaking inside the classroom. Most of it was being translated by the teacher. She would read the text or instructions in English but would end up translating it. It wasn’t that the content was hard but that the language wasn’t met at their level. On another note I very much appreciated how the teacher made sure that the task was as enjoyable as possible. During our conference Ms. Juli told me, “I have to make sure they are having fun or they won’t remember.” This is because they only have English class once a week. This doesn’t foster fluency because the exposure is on a very short time table. In the Philippines English is taught daily and there is much reinforcement in the environment but the fluency aspect isn’t guaranteed either, so I don’t think it helps to have this schedule. But injecting fun and novelty does help in addressing the retention of the subject matter.


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